Energy of the Day: Conceive

Like children, most plans are formed with some level of excitement, take time to develop, are given birth, and then require a lot of time and attention to realize their potential. I always say, Conceiving an idea is 1% of the solution, another 2% is in the planning and gathering resources, and 97% of […]

Energy of the Day: Include

Some organizations are very Inclusive and others exclusive, and that is quite understandable. If you want someone’s goodwill and support, however, it is always best to Include them is some way. You can Include them in the planning process, invite them to the party, or simply provide status updates, but Include them!

Energy of the Day: Sincere

We all want to deal with Sincere people. We know we can trust them to be honest and reliable. But not everyone is Sincere. Some are not Sincere because they practice deception, and others lack Sincerity because they are not in touch with their own feelings. Be honest with yourself and others. Be Sincere, […]

Energy of the Day: Pithy

Every once in a while, someone says something so clear, concise, wise, and powerful – something so Pithy – that it becomes quite valuable and quotable. Listen for Pithy sayings today, and try to come with a few yourself!

Energy of the Day: Neat

For most people, disorganized and dirty environments are disturbing to the subconscious mind, and there is something magical about things that are organized and clean. Try keeping things Neat and tidy and see if it makes a difference for you!

Energy of the Day: Own

Having Ownership over something is empowering. It means we have control over it and can leverage it to our advantage. If we are the only Owner and Ownership is transferable, we can dispose of it, sell it, or give it away. Be clear about what you Own, what is shared with others, and what […]

Energy of the Day: Collect

People Collect memorabilia, toys, stamps, coins, and many other things. Gathering them together into a Collection can be very rewarding and is potentially quite lucrative. But the best thing to Collect is your thoughts and emotions, becoming grounded, centered, and balanced again. So Collect yourself whenever you feel a little scattered.

Energy of the Day: Uphold

Some people bail out on agreements and commitments at the first sign of a challenge, and others Uphold them at all costs. Which one are you choosing to be?

Energy of the Day: Commerce

Countries come together and establish the foundations of good relationships through two primary interactions: sports and Commerce. In both cases (and ideally), the parties agree to the rules of the game and interact fairly. When you engage in Commerce, keep those two things in mind!

Energy of the Day: Fit

I remember the first time someone told me that something “wasn’t a Fit” and how powerful that declaration was. That’s because if something or someone doesn’t Fit, it’s not a put-down in any way. You can be highly impressed with people or products, and still not embrace them because they are not a Fit.