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We eat ‘hard’ for breakfast


Every once in a while, I notice I have a little hesitation or resistance to doing something.

It could be making a collections phone call, following up on a mysterious credit card charge, or sending out a tough email of some kind.

And sometimes I put it off for a while until I am in the […]

Energy of the Day: Sage

Becoming a Sage is quite a journey, and a never-ending process. It takes courage, focus, and commitment. It takes discernment. You have to listen to a lot of people speak their truth in order to find the ones who are truly wise. Here’s a hint: they are kind, loving, humble, cheerful, and quiet. They […]

Energy of the Day: Fame

Many people seek Fame thinking it will solve all of their problems, and while it certainly can help with brand awareness, it can cause other challenges at the same time. So seek Fame if you will for the right reasons, such as helping as many people as you can, and be courageous in dealing […]

Energy of the Day: Ultimate

We all have the capability to ramp it up and perform at our Ultimate best, at least for some time during every day. Go for it! Sprint for a few minutes (or hours!) and kick it up a notch!

Today’s Insight: Bouncing Back


I’ve suffered from a few setbacks in my career, as I’m sure you have, too.

And boy, have I worked with a lot of clients who have been going through some tough times.

Bad luck and nasty problems don’t just happen to an unlucky few.

They happen to everyone.

And a lot of your success in business – […]

Energy of the Day: Maintain

It is always a good idea to get yourself into shape and establish a lot of good habits, and then Maintain them. Just don’t settle for less by Maintaining a poorly operating system, unless that is the only thing you can do.

Energy of the Day: Passion

Passion is extremely valuable in ramping up your energy, and in getting other people to be excited and energized, too. When they are excited and energized, they can be more focused, productive, and effective, and the entire team accomplishes more.But stay in control and grounded to make the best decisions and be seen as […]

Energy of the Day: Significant

We process millions of bits of information every day, and we are usually pretty good at determining which ones are Significant and which ones can be ignored. The challenge comes in when our inexperience, biases, and blindspots prevent us from seeing those valuable, Significant messages, and we miss them.

Energy of the Day: Flower

I love that a Flower is both a beautiful and precious thing, and also the process of becoming that beautiful and precious thing. May you have a lot of Flowers in your life, and enjoy the process of Flowering! I can’t wait to see what you look like!

Today’s Insight: First, pick your destination


Some people just like to wing it.

They like to act spontaneously, speak extemporaneously, and follow their hunches.

I like to do that, too. It can be a pretty cool, fun, and exciting thing to do!

Unless efficiency matters.

Unless there is a lot of risk in doing so.

Unless your time and money are limited.

While I’m a huge […]